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  "Literary talent",It means "gorgeous color",But "have literary talent" cannot simply be equated with gorgeousness,It needs the support of thoughts.In summary, "have literary talent" should have the following characteristics: (1) Rich in philosophy,Intriguing.(2) Full of change,There are lots of spots.(3) Strong sense of rhythm,Catchy.To make your language have the above characteristics,Need to master the most basic methods:

  1. Use rhetoric skillfully

  The role of rhetoric is to make language vivid and vivid,Appropriate rhetoric will make your language brilliant.

  1. Use parallelism skillfully

  Parallelism is to use a set of sentences or words with the same or similar structure, related meaning, and consistent tone to form a string and arrange them together.To enhance the momentum,Express feelings,Give people a neat beauty.如:

  (1) "Filial piety" is a fleeting attachment,"Filiality" is happiness that cannot be reproduced,"Filial piety" is a past event that has become an eternal hatred."Filial piety" is the link between life and life,Once broken,Never connect.("Filial piety is priceless")

  (2) Thought is a state of life.Impetuous life can't tolerate vast thoughts,A shallow life cannot hold a broad mind,Vulgar lives don't understand sublime thoughts,Tiny lives look to great thoughts.Thoughts are formed after reading many books and get rid of their dross,Take the essence; come from summing up experience after going through hardships,Create a unique way.("Thought is the Road Sign of Wisdom")

  These two paragraphs use parallel rhetoric,(1) The paragraph explains what "filial piety" is from different angles,Tell readers to do your filial piety for your parents,因为“孝” 是无法弥补的。(2)段运用排比修辞,使整段文字朗朗上口而又富含哲理。


  比喻是用具体、浅湿、熟知的事物或道理为喻体,说明或描写抽象的、深奥的、不熟悉的事或理。比喻能使语言生动、形象,恰当的比喻会使你的语言文采斐然。Such as:





  Anthropomorphism can make boring things lively and interesting,所以, the aesthetic effect of language can be increased.Such as:

  (5) On the wilderness,The woods are busy doing illustrations,Wild flowers rush to embroider color pictures,The spring grass spreads,Go further,No one can hinder her feet,And the bird is in the air with its voice-over,The explanation is given to the cloud walking in a hurry.("Chun Cao San Zhang")

  (6) Spring must be like this.From the green hilltop,A handful of snow can't hold it anymore,With a flutter,Smile coldly into a flowery face,A sorrowful song will be sung from the clouds to the foothills,Sing from the foothills to the low deserted villages,Sing into the fence,Sing into the yellow webbed of a duckling,Sing into the soft spring mud,Spring mud soft as a newly refurbished quilt.("Reminiscence of Spring")

  The two paragraphs above,The author uses anthropomorphic techniques to write the arrival of spring tangibly and vividly.In the author's writing, spring will laugh, sing and walk,In front of the readers, a picture of spring full of vitality is presented.

  4. Clever use of duality (dualism)

  Middle school students write articles,当然, 我们应该专注于散文,但是使用所有散文句子将不可避免地是单调且无组织的。不显示文学才能。“事情混杂, 因此,有人说该文本为“(《易经》?系辞”),Therefore, 散文句应与假句混在一起, 对立的句子等等。这整个句子庄重而有力,均衡和谐可以增加文学才能。Such as:

  (7)历史是一段漫长的旅程,没有起点,没有终点,它贯穿着人类的血液,激发祖先一生写给后代的启发。几百年的风风雨雨它已经冲走了暴风雨亭上的残留血液; 几百年来的潮起潮落,叹息声已经淹没在小海洋中。然而,岳无母的血液充满激情,温天祥的忠诚长期以来深深地烙印在历史的一页上,变成了国家的灵魂,随着太阳和月亮的变化,让人们欣赏它的永恒。(“距离产生美丽”)


  (8)左四维写了《三都赋》,感谢闭门造车的客人,多年的努力。严冬练习勤奋; 炎热的夏天,兴奋的。多少天忘了吃三餐; 多少个晚上独自到孤灯。The persistence of "the belt is getting wider and I will never regret",In exchange for fruitful results,"Sandu Fu" made a sensation in the city,Luoyang paper is expensive for a while.("No Regrets Paying")

  This text is concise and vivid,A few words express Zuo Si's diligence vividly and vividly.The credit lies in the author's skillful use of the rhetoric of antithesis.

  5. Clever use of synesthesia (transferred)

  Synaesthesia is a way of subtly transplanting words applicable to the type A senses to the type B senses.A figure of speech that enables various senses to communicate with each other.In daily life,Sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste can often move or communicate with each other.眼、耳、舌、鼻、身各个官能的领域可以不分界限。颜色似乎会有温度,声音似乎会有形象,冷暖似乎会有重量,气味似乎会有锋芒。





  (12)母校啊,给了我太多的往事,无法风干的情感,落满潮湿的心头,而笨拙的笔,却写不尽回首的滋味。岁月像淤积的河道,沉下的泥沙垫高了百年的河床。Passed on for a century,The cycle of spring, summer, autumn and winter is endless,You have written a heart-stirring epic for yourself.("The Taste of Looking Back")

  (11) In the sentence,"Transplant" means to uproot or dig up the seedlings sown in the seedbed or seedling field and plant them in the field; to supplement a part of the body's tissues or organs on the defective part of the same body or another body,Make it grow better gradually.From this point of view,The objects of transplantation should be visible and tangible material things.Mr. Lu Xun used this to "transplant" life,vivid.Shows Lao Chuan's ignorance, piety and eagerness.Contrary to "transplantation",The following text uses "harvest","Harvest" means to obtain mature crops."Harvest" as a verb,Its object is "happiness",And "happiness" is a situation and life that makes people feel comfortable,It is sensible but not visible and not touchable.The author uses the word "harvest" to concretize abstract things,Let people imagine that the happiness of harvest is like the crops in the field.(12) In the sentence,"Air-dry" emotions,"Emotions" fall in my heart,The same is also a transfer method.

  Many times the rhetoric is not used solely,It is a combination of multiple rhetoric in a paragraph,Such as:

  (13) The wind is a naughty little boy,Catch and throw soil into the air,Take the opportunity to mess with the girl's long hair; Feng is an old painter,Blindly choose gray tones,Creates a dim picture; the wind is an unskilled thief,The door rang when I slipped into the house,They left footprints on the windowsill when they fled.

  This text combines three rhetoric of parallelism, metaphor, and personification.Make the text smart,Swaying colorfully.

  Second, clever use of imagination and association

  Association and imagination are the most basic abilities of writing,也是高考作文要考查的最重要的方面。运用联想和想象可以开拓思路,增加文采。Such as:

  ( 1)雪夜,该有多少点燃的蜡烛,在倾听着天空飘洒的言语;该有多少诗人升腾着灵感的火焰,澎湃着艺术的激情,吟唱着“千树万树梨花开”的壮美;该有多少涌动的琴声用音符描绘着春的到来,再巧的手指怎能弹出落雪美妙的音韵。该有多少美妙的迎春花藤伸出梦境之外,每一处结开的苞蕾都酝酿着春的经历;该有多少爱雪的人想象落雪的情景,喜悦如雨,潮湿的心灵长出新绿的叶片;该有多少情人,借每一片雪花,飘飞着对爱情和人生的祝福。(《落雪》)



  (3)面对有缺憾的事物,我们必须学会包容,而不是求全责备。你若欣赏塞北的美丽雪景,就必须包容它难耐的严寒;你若品尝江南水乡的独特韵味,We must tolerate its wet and rainy weather; in order to feel the moving full moon,You have to tolerate the waning moon,Tolerate the dark clouds; in order to appreciate the beauty of the epiphany,You have to be tolerant and wait,Tolerance time.("Don't Ask for Full Blame")

  These two paragraphs are written by association.(2) Tell readers to do their filial piety quickly through parallel and positive-to-against ratios.No matter what way,But it is equivalent on the scale of "filial piety"; (3) In order to discuss, learn to tolerate,Instead of asking for blame,The author makes extensive associations,From Saibei to Jiangnan,From heaven to earth.

  Three, clever use of verbs

  To be "have literary talent",It needs to have the effect of "one word expresses the spirit",And to receive such an effect,You need to choose and temper verbs.Such as:

  (4) "Hey!Pay with one hand,One-handed delivery!"A man covered in black,Standing in front of Lao Chuan,Looks like two knives,Stabbed Laoshuan shrunk in half,That man has a big hand,Spread it to him; holding a bright red steamed bun in one hand,The red one still drips down little by little.Lao Chuan hurriedly took out foreign money,Shakingly wanted to hand it over to him,But he didn't dare to pick up his things.The man became anxious,Shouted: "What are you afraid of?Why not take it!"Lao Chuan was still hesitating; the black man snatched the lantern.Tear off the paper cover,Wrapped in steamed buns,Plug and Laoshuan; grabbed foreign money in one hand,Pinch,Turned around and went.(《药》)

  There are 13 verbs used to describe the movements of the hands.Its accuracy and vividness are almost unchangeable.The word "shang" brings out the posture of the executioner asking for money; while "grabbing", "pulling", "wrapped" and "plugged",It accurately and vividly represented the four different objects touched by the hand,It also aptly reflects the urgency of the action.For foreign money,Only one "catch",You can see blackmail grabbing.In order to make the verbs used accurately and vividly,When choosing synonyms,According to the requirements of the expressed object,Strictly distinguish the subtle differences between synonyms.Another example:

  (5) If we are in panic all day long,Always feel that there is no suitable place,Then everything around will become the master,We have to run and wait,We have to flatter,We have to jump up and down to cater,We have to compliment it internally and externally.("position")

  The author uses four words indicating directions: "before and after running", "suddenly from left and right", "up and down", "inside and outside", and "waiting", "meeting", "flattering" and "flattering" as four expressions of attitude.word,So that the language is patchy,Avoiding repetition,Give people a sense of beauty.Another example:

  (6) They have no rhetoric,No Zhuang language,Just calmly stitched the emotions thicker than blood into the winter quilted jacket of his son,Daughter's summer tunic.The mother is worried about the child traveling thousands of miles,If you are a kite far away from your mother,Then the blue sky behind you is filled with mother's warnings.("background")

  The "seam" and "write" are refreshing,Intriguing.

  Four, clever use of sentence patterns

  Modern Chinese has a variety of sentence patterns,There are affirmative sentences and negative sentences,There are active sentences and passive sentences,There are inverted sentences,There are also classical Chinese sentence patterns,When writing, choose appropriate sentence patterns according to different needs.Can make the language accurate and condensed,Enhance the expression effect,And make the language literary.Such as:

  (7) The general walks sideways,Looking around,He was moved by the scene of labor.("Ordinary Workers")

  Three sentences,One or two sentences are active sentences,The third sentence is a passive sentence.Only in this way can the consistency of the subject of the three clauses be maintained,So as to highlight the key points of the statement; otherwise, the coherence and fluency of the tone will be affected.Another example:

  (8) They can eat people,It may not be able to eat me.("A Madman's Diary")

  "May not eat me" has the same meaning as "probably also eat me".Why do you say this way?Because only in this way can it accurately reflect the subtle psychological changes that the "madman" used to assess the situation at that time.Another example:

  (9) The prime minister gave up his majesty in face,With a benevolent and courteous mind,The spirit of generosity,Turning warriors into jade silk,Stop the fight before it starts.If it does not exceed ordinary people's high morale,How could such abandon be made?("Learning to Abandon")

  In the text above, "stop fighting at the beginning" is the sentence pattern in classical Chinese-the adverbial postfix,Used here to make the sentence neat,Strong sense of rhythm.

  Five, clever use of famous aphorisms

  Cleverly quote famous aphorisms,Not only can make the writing fluent,Enhance the sense of rhythm,It can also enrich the connotation of the language.Such as:

  (10) That night,Huazi has insomnia,He once again put the word teacher on the balance of his heart,Hard to measure.Li Guoqiang's words rang in his ears again,"Like you",His face burned involuntarily.Huazi turned over and went down to the kang,Turn on the lights,I solemnly wrote in my diary: Youth is the magnificence of chasing the sun,It's definitely not the boring of keeping the moon,I will always be Dashan's son.("Silent Promise")

  This is a narrative text,The length of the sentence is a combination of short and long sentences,Xu Ji alternated,In the most critical place, an aphorism is quoted: Youth is the magnificence of chasing the sun.It's definitely not the boring waiting for the moon.It expresses Huazi's aspirations both implicitly and profoundly,concise,Heavy.Another example:

  (11) Knowing yourself is a compulsory course for everyone,Otherwise we will be like flowers growing under dark clouds,Lost the sunny world.Please remember: it's a fish,Don't yearn for the sky,It's a bird,Don't miss the ocean.("Know yourself")

  Among them "is the fish,Don't yearn for the sky,It's a bird,Don't miss the ocean" Quoting from a poem by Wang Guozhen,Put it here as a warning, implicit,With power,Enhance the literary talent of the language.

  Six, clever use of repetition

  When it comes to repetition, I often think of cumbersome and wordy.But the proper use of repetition often results in unexpected results.如:

  (12) Fate has no laws,Just like the wind and rain in nature.A disease,Shattered her college dream.She went to an ordinary school,Learned an ordinary major,Entered an ordinary small factory,Became an ordinary worker,Do ordinary things.("ordinary")

  (13) I chose the mountain,I chose the bumps; I chose tranquility,I chose loneliness; I chose opportunities,I chose the risk; I chose the search,I chose to suffer;.Behind almost every choice,There is a shadow that accompanies it.("select")

  The "ordinary" and "selection" have been used many times,From the perspective of using words to be mixed,Obviously it does not meet the requirements,But here it is precisely the role of emphasis and prominence.

  Seven, pay attention to rhythm

  The composition of the ancients paid particular attention to the musical beauty of language,This is the characteristic of Chinese literature.Although modern style writing does not have to be as strict as classical Chinese,But as Mr. Lao She said,A good article should "make the sentence jingle" and "make people willing to read it,"Also willing to listen" ("Language Issues on Literature"),So at least we need to pay attention to some rhythm.If you have a sense of rhythm,Literary talent is also entangled in it.如:

  (14) You yearn for the purity of the mountain dwelling,You must abandon the prosperity of the city; you admire the success of the struggler,You have to abandon the easy and idle life; you want to travel through thousands of mountains and rivers,就必须舍弃乡土乡音的温馨与柔美。(《距离产生美》)











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